"the inherited earth"
Fe26 Residency

The "the inherited earth" residency is a project of ephemeral resettlement in the pre-industrial quarry (damari) of Agios Eleftherios. The participants choose a piece of land and using materials/techniques of the past and present, create visual, environmental, social works/productions.


Artists create an in situ work, from 30 of April to 14 of May 2022 for fifteen days with a focus on the site-specific element in a pre-industrial quarry of the previous century in Tinos (Damari of Agios Eleftherios).

Each one having all the natural materials of the area (marble, stones, tools), his territorial part, but also access to information material, and technical support is free to create in his ephemeral land, with the cooperation of the local community, a project based in the cultural and historical elements of the area.

The produced works focusing mainly on the process of research and the practice of collaboration using the opportunities/connections of the residency (facilities), may vary from visual installations, research projects, performances, contemporary dance shows to small-scale productions of cinema and environmental projects.

 Importance is given not only to the results of the artist’s projects but also to the implementation process itself, so as to test and be tested through new processes until the completion of their own work.

How can we manage a piece of land?


Are we now able to transcend the divide between human society and the environment?

How updating and communicating aesthetic and functional issues can democratize public space and the appearance of contemporary island buildings/monuments

Focusing on the reuse and re-approach of old sustainable techniques and materials, “the inherited earth” is a project of commentary and possibly a proposal for how we manage (cultivate) our inherited land through the prism of the Place of the Outside, memory, contemporary art and culture more broadly.

Curator – Christos Artemis

Organized by -NWMW NPO

Keyword suggestion: agency, key study...
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