Fe26 Focus

The Focus series (speeches, discussions, presentations) of the Fe26 project, are an interdisciplinary approach based on matter and its relationship both in artistic creation and cultural heritage in the course of human civilization.


The Focus series highlights the interaction of cultural heritage with matter, identity and place as well as its interconnection with contemporary art and research by being the actual focus of the Fe26 project. Following metal and its course as a carrier of human culture leads us to a series of places and corresponding communities. 

The Focus series event was held from 10 to 12 October 2022 at the Museum of Cycladic Art with the participation of art historians, anthropologists, ethnologists, social anthropologists, collectives and organizations, representatives of many bodies and organizations such as the Academy of Athens, the Ministry of Culture, the Research and Technology Foundation, the Boulouki team, etc.

Participants: the descendant of Eduardo Chillida Mikel Chillida, the artist Theodoros Papagiannis, the head of the research and educational department of the Chillida Leku Museum, Nausica Sanchez, the Spanish-German philosopher Ana Maria Rabe, the Italian architect Renato Bocchi, the Basque anthropologist Aitzpea Leizaola, the art historian Manos Stefanidis as well as the researcher and director of the Greek Folklore Research Center Evangelos Karamanes.

The first FOCUS event on 10 of October, has at its core the world-renowned sculptor Eduardo Chillida, along with his approach to matter as metal, stone, concrete and its transformation to monumental works in space: the urban, natural space but also the philosophical space of Martin Heidegger.

Fe26 focus

This cycle of activities continues on 11 of October by tracing possible connections between Eduardo Chillida and Theodoros Papagiannis. We aim to explore: the influence of place, identity, traditions and customs and the victory over time with the creation of a Museum in the place of origin of the two artists.

Finally, the first round of FOCUS activities closes on 12 of October, with “Conclusions: an interdisciplinary approach to cultural heritage” – Themes included: cultural heritage its relationship with its institutional framework, the highlighting and preservation of its elements through projects, its assimilation and sustainability in relation to other fields such as visual arts or design.


Focus addresses themes such as: community, tradition, place, historicity, interconnectedness, synergy, science, sustainability, interdisciplinarity, sustainability, economics, archiving, promotion, dissemination, etc.

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