Fe26 Focus

The series of activities entitled Focus (speeches, discussions, presentations) of the Fe26 project, are an interdisciplinary approach based on gesture and its relationship both as an artistic creation and as a cultural heritage in the course of human civilization.


An activity aimed to introducing the NWMW NPO and the fe26 project to the island of Tinos, entitled Focus on Residency, is organized on Saturday, December 3, 17:00-20:00 at Pyrgos and on Sunday, December 4, 11:00-12:30 at the Quarry of Ag. Eleftherios.

NWMW NPO was created by two islanders, ALexandra Grypari (Tinos) & Sophia Zissimou (Syros) to find fields of synergy of art & science through the selection of thematic axes. Space is the first axis that was chosen. The space through the fe26 project is explored both as a natural space and environment as well as anthropogenic, social, public and also personal and through this lense it was developed for Tinos island.

Tinos island and Exo Meria in particular, its artisans and artists, interacted daily for many years making their way between its quarries, smithies and marble factories, weaving a web of interconnected stories. 

Participants: the representatives of the organization Sofia Zisimou & Alexandra Gryparis, the curator of the hospitality program Christos Artemis and artistic director of Koinonos, the geologist Kostantinos Soukis, the choreographer Filio Louvari, the marble artist Giorgos Vidos and the musicians Yiannis Michael (lute) and Stavros Larios (violin).

Focus activities addresses themes such as: community, tradition, place, historicity, interconnectedness, synergy, science, sustainability, interdisciplinarity, sustainability, economics, archiving, promotion, dissemination, etc.