The videos of the Fe26 project, with the general title FCA, are a concise presentation of four metals and their alloys.


FCA consists of three ten-minute videos. Two of them have as an axis one metal (Fe – iron, Cu – copper) and the third two (Ag – silver & Au – gold) which is how they get their name. Each video has three sections: historical overview, chemical composition-alloys, uses. The historical review concerns the original uses, metallurgy and metalworking of each metal from prehistory to the present day. The chemical composition refers to mineral raw materials and its alloys. And of course the uses concern both the fields of science & technology as well as art and everyday life.

These videos will be available to users on the internet through the project’s YouTube channel. YouTube is a platform on which a huge number of videos are shared every day on a variety of topics, from scientific discoveries and philosophical reflections to videogame playthroughs (minecraft, fortnite, among us, five nights at freddy’s, the last of us, etc.) vlogs, commentary videos etc. There are many videos created by well-known educational or journalistic organizations such as MIT, Stanford, Harvard, BBC, PBC, Science etc.

Videos were chosen as a format because they facilitate the sharing of their content, due to the widespread use of YouTube and can be created in the form of episodes with a specific theme. Videos are a form that can, in a relatively short time, transmit fairly concentrated knowledge which can have a fairly advanced degree of specialization and at the same time express a special and personal aesthetic.

The name FCA was chosen because these letters correspond to the element from the periodic table of each metal. Fe – iron, Cu – Copper and Ag – Silver (Au-gold).


The Latin names of the metals are as follows:

Fe – iron – ferrum, Cu – Copper – Cuprum, Ag – silver – Argentum & Au – gold Aurum. Iron in Latin took its name from Ferrum which means iron or sword and is most likely of Semitic origin. The Latin name for copper, Cuprum, is a paraphrase of the name of the island of Cyprus. From the word silver came the Latin word argentum, and from it the corresponding word in many European languages. Finally, gold, in Latin Aurum, got its name probably from the word Aurora which means dawn.

In Greek, iron comes from the pre-Greek word “side” and pomegranate – red. Iron is said to have 200 different names. In Greek, copper probably comes from Halki. The word silver comes from the etymology of the word argyros, from the word “argos” of the ancient Greek language. The adjective “slow” had the meaning “bright”. In Greek, the word gold is either possibly of Hittite origin – kursa later in Mycenaean ku-ru-so, Aramaic (- hara meaning yellow), Phoenician ( hrs) or comes from the Caucasus or is of Greek origin and is a loan.

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