In 2021, Sofia Zisimou and Alexandra Grypari founded NWMW NPO. NWMW's vision is the synthesis of scientific fields and sectors with that of cultural heritage on the axis of technology and using creation as a medium. The first project is Fe26 which explores the cultural expressions associated with metal.

The implementing body NWMW NPO proposes an alternative model for preserving the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the island communities of the Cyclades and highlighting their locality.


The Fe26 project is an interdisciplinary approach to highlight the human activities that are developed with the aim of transforming matter into a useful or aesthetically pleasing object. Determining factors of the above processes are locality, time period, social organization and stratification, the natural environment and the relationship with it.

Fe26 functions as a multi-thematic festival, through the implementation of a series of interdisciplinary & artistic actions, the creation of artistic work and the establishment of an open repository. through conducting a workshop and the inherited earth residency program.