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Museum of Cycladic Arts,
Chillida’s and Heidegger’s Conception of Space, Time, Place, and Void

Martin Heidegger and Eduardo Chillida held a rich and fertile intellectual exchange in 1968 and 1969, by the time they were preparing the artists’ book Die Kunst und der Raum (“The Art and the Space”), which was to contain a text on art and space, written by Heidegger, as well as seven litho-collages and one lithography created by Chillida. The lecture deals with the similarity that exists between the German philosopher’s and the Spanish-Basque sculptor’s conception of space and time, place and void. Opposite to scientific and transcendental concepts, which follow the ideal of precision, measurement, and verification, Heidegger’s ontological and Chillida’s artistic conceptions understand space and place in connection with time and void as something dynamic, inseparable from life and human experience, which is not simply “given”, but has to be looked for and realized.


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